Unlocking Open Data

Interra Open Data

Interra are Open Source and Open Data Experts offering a number of services designed to publish and unlock open data.



Interra Catalog

Interra Catalog offers the easiest, most flexible and most efficient way to publish open data.

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Interra Visualizaton

Interra Visualization transforms large datasets into interactive story-telling experiences.

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DKAN Consulting

Interra specializes in extending DKAN to fit your workflow and needs. We can provide hosting and backend support, data workflows, modules, as well as front-end enchancements. See more about our DKAN services.


Data Story-Tellling

Interra turns your data into compelling stories. We can extend existing React, Angular, Carto, Mapbox or Node-based apps or build a custom data visualization. See more about our Data Visualization services.


Drupal Consulting

With over 10 years of Drupal experience, Interra can handle all of your Drupal needs. We can architect and build your site as well as create or contribute to Drupal modules. Contact us to hear more.


We be build Open Source tools to make government more transparent, efficient and accessible. We believe that Open Data is essential for democracy and that data is not truly "open" unless the tools used to access it are open as well.


Aaron Couch


Aaron is the creator of DKAN, a Drupal core contributor, and has a decade of experience building civic tools.

Paul Walker

Project Lead

Paul is a full-stack web developer specialized in data visualization and management using the latest open source technologies.

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